Dead Liberal Haunts my Wheelie Bin


Our news desk was contacted by SPORT Reader Joe for HULL who wanted to share the strange goings on he’s been experiencing with his WHEELIE BIN which he believes is HAUNTED by the GHOST of a dead LIBERAL.

Joe exclusively talking to DAILY SPORT said “First I though my mates were taking the PISS when they said your bin is levitating, so next time I chucked out the RUBBISH I put the recycling in the landfill bin and ALL HELL broke loose.” Joe paused and went on to say “The bin lifted up off the ground and the lid started to flap up and down, I though F**K this and rushed in doors.”

As Daily Sport’s resident exorcist [Father Tip Mulcahy] I went to INVESTIGATE and found that the bin is indeed HAUNTED by a dead LIBERAL eco-warrior.

Well you’ve heard the old saying “Going to hell in a hand cart” but whoever thought they’d be GOING TO HULL IN A DUSTCART!

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