Employment tribunal go HOPPING mad at micro brewery

An employee of a TRENDY micro-brewery in Cornwall has WON his discrimination case against Hipperty Hoppity Brewery Co after the unnamed staff member whom has 1 leg was put in charge of HOPS.

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The head of the tribunal said they must now pay £100,000 compensation to the VICTIM who suffered hurt feelings and distress over the incident.

The company told the tribunal we are a FUN place to work and everyone knows we take the P*ss out of each other at work, surely staff member X knew this when they applied for a company called Hipperty Hoppity who’s best selling ORGANIC CRAFT ALE is called LEGLESS.

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We people they couldn’t make it up yet again the world has gone truly mad when a 1 legged BREWER takes offence at being head of HOPS the main ingredient in most beers.

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