Welcome Mask-Tique as the world’s newest nation


Following a COUP on a tiny Caribbean Island early this month REBELS have now formed their own government and named the island MASK-TIQUE and have unveiled the TINY nations new FLAG which has left political analysts and the UN bemused.

The flag which looks remarkably like a GIANT disposable face mask has had Ambassadors and Diplomats around the globe in STITCHES but the leaders of MASK-TIQUE have not been so amused and said they will take action against anyone laughing at the countries flag.

A new law past late last night [July 18] states anyone laughing at the nations flag is a traitor and will be sentenced to DEATH.

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Daily Sport asked the new leader Major General Jones for comment but he said he would not speak to CORRUP WESTERN MEDIA OUTLETS, we did try to explain that he must be confusing us with other so-called newspapers but he refused to listen.


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