Today we expose the plight of PENSIONERS across the UK with the over 70’s having been in LOCKDOWN for a number of weeks now and not able to get out to get daily necessities.

GRANNIES up and down our once green and pleasant land are now CUT OFF from the outside world and left to fend for themselves. Many now lack daily ESSENTIALS like BATTERIES for their VIBRATOR to while the lonely hours away.

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One such pensioner 82 year old BETTY from Newcastle upon Tyne even resorted to standing in her window on a busy main road to ask for more batteries for her favourite VIBRATOR after the trusted machine CONKED OUT.

After hearing of hers [Betty] and the PLIGHT of others on SOCIAL MEDIA Dave Williams head of a local voluntary group and former social worker set-up the charity ‘GRANNIES WITHOUT BATTERIES’ to provide FREE batteries for pensioners vibrators. Since launching last Thursday [April 9] Dave has already secured his first DONOR, the WAN KING Battery Company in Shanghai who are sending a 20 foot container of long life batteries FREE of charge to help deprived GRANNIES across Britain.

Williams the founder GWB [Grannies Without Batteries] told Daily Sport “When I heard of their PLIGHT I though what has the country come to when some poor old GRANNY can’t even have a WANK whilst in lockdown.”

Anyone wanting to set-up a local GWB delivery service should contact Dave Williams at GRANNIES WITHOUT BATTERIES.

Daily Sport says – It’s nice to see people rallying round our pensions at a time like this, we commend Dave for his tireless efforts to keep BRITAIN’S grannies smiling.


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