Ghost of Jimmy Savile haunting Soho strip clubs

Just when we thought it was safe to start returning to our everyday lives Daily Sport were contacted by eagle eyed Sport Reader Danny who has seen the GHOST of legendary PERV Jimmy Savile haunting STIP CLUBS in London’s West End.

Savile once the BBC’s golden boy turned out to be one of the UK’s most prolific PEDO’s of all time and despite people raising the alarm over the years nothing was done until after the SICKO had died.

Our EXCLUSIVELY obtained pics show the SAVILE like figure at the bar of a well known club in SOHO bold as brass and without a care in the world.

Danny told Daily Sport “When I looked I up I couldn’t believe my eyes to see that DIRTY BASTARD in the club.”


Now Daily Sport’s resident priest and exorcist father Tip Mulcahy is on the case and is on a crusade to RID London of EVIL ghosts of PERVERTS PAST.

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