NESSY spotted in deserted Inverness LOCKDOWN


We can reveal from this EXCLUSIVE snap taken by SPORT READER Jock McTavish that our DESERTED towns, cities and open spaces are now TEAMING again with WILDLIFE once thought to be EXTINCT after he SPOTTED the elusive LOCH NESS MONSTER out for a look about during LOCKDON.

Jock told DAILY SPORT “When I saw the BIG BASTARD I thought I’d had a few too many the night before, but alas it was read”

A leading MONSTER expert speaking to News Desk said “This doesn’t surprise me one bit, I’ve seen the MONSTER once back in the early 80’s, but for it to have come into the CITIES this shows both how quiet things are and that CLIMATE CHANGE is affecting it’s normal habitat”

We now have one of our cheeky SNAPPERS roaming the HIGHLANDS and LOWLANDS to get a ‘Once in a life time’ PIC of the NESSY with a couple of SPORT BABES.

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