OFSTED brand home schooling mum P**S POOR

Single mum of 15 Amelia Lazenby-Jones is considering suing OFSTED and the government after they branded her home schooling SHIT during a LOCKDOWN inspection by OFSTED.

Scummy Mummy Amelia Lazenby-Jones from Hackney

‘Scummy Mummy’ Amelia 35 from HACKNEY [London] told DAILY SPORT “I’ve worked flat out the past few weeks teaching the little buggers for FREE to be treated like this, it’s a BLEEDIN’ joke.”

The BENEFITS loving MUM added “To think how much they get BLOODY paid [teachers] and I’m teaching all 15 on my own for just my DOLE money something ain’t right.”

The OFSTED inspector concerned told DAILY SPORT in an off the record interview “When we went to the house in Fanny Street she opened the door with a can of strong cider in one hand and a fag in the other, when I showed her my ID she said you can F**K right off,” he went on to add “There were 15 kids in the lounge watching a PORN film which she said was a SEX education lesson.”

As Daily Sport went to press we received word that Amelia has entered herself in HOME SCHOOLER of the YEAR contest….. She might be a SHIT teacher but you’ve gotta love her SENSE of HUMOR…….

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