Today we expose BULGARIAN reptile loving PERVERT Boratzi who has astounded WFF [World Wildlife Fund] officials and the Guinness Book of Records by being the first know human to impregnate a GIANT LIZARD.

The self confessed  REPT-AFILE has boasted to LOCALS in his village that he is proud of what he has achieved and that him and Mimi [The giant lizard] are in a living  LOVING relationship.

Animal activists have taken to social media wanting the FREAK arrested with some want more extreme measures DISHED OUT.

Boratzi told local reporters “What else do you want me to do, I have no WIFE and no Girl Friend, I have needs like any RED BLOODED man.”

Daily Sport have since been in contact with Boratzi through an interpreter and got the only INTERVIEW he has ever done with the outside world from his mountain hideaway. He said “My dream is to get a council house in HUDDERSFIELD and to one day see LITTLE BORATZI on Britain’s Got Talent.”

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