The do gooders are at it again Sport Readers! Please W*NK responsibly


Just when you though BIG BROTHER, Government and interfering liberals had poked their noses into our everyday lives enough, first there was DRINK AWARE to stop you having too many pints, then GAMBLE AWARE just in case you had one too many bets, now another group have set up W*NK AWARE to try an police PORN, CHAT LINES, MAGAZINES, etc with the tagline ‘Please Wank Responsibly’ when will it ever end I ask you?

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Can we not just get on with our everyday lives without some self appointed TWAT wanting to check that we don’t enjoy ourselves too much?

A spokesperson for the group said “There are far too many people getting RSI and wrist injuries and this needs to stop due to the excessive pressures this is putting on the NHS.”

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Well Sport Readers your Daily Sport one of the last BASTIONS of Britishness will not give in and plan to have no part in such a draconian infringement of our readers civil liberties.

As your one and only Daily Sport went to press an online petition was gaining momentum and already have over 50,000 signatures in support of this bunch of killjoys.


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