Top shagger, loves to deliver a big package


In a twist that’s got the town talking and eyebrows raising, Jeff, a seemingly ordinary parcel delivery guy that works for a renowned online shopping giant, has turned his daily rounds into something straight out of a skin flick.

Jeff, 60, with his easy smile and knack for timely deliveries, has become the unexpected Casanova of picturesque town of Eastbourne, juggling not one, not two, but sometimes nine women a day – all while the husbands are away earning the bacon. It seems their only interested in one package that Jeff has to offer.

The tale begins each morning as Jeff loads his van with parcels. Little did anyone know that these boxes contained more than just the latest gadgets and fashion finds; they were the keys to the hearts of Eastbourne’s most lonely. With each delivery, Jeff leaves a trail of satisfied house wives, turning a mundane doorstep encounter into a scene from a from porno.

“It all started when I was going through Mrs. Robinson at No. 29 backdoor,” Jeff confided, with a twinkle in his eye. “She offered me a glass of lemonade on a hot day, and one thing led to another. Before I knew it, I was the talk of the town, with invitations for coffee, tea, and… well, you can guess the rest.”

What’s Jeff’s secret, you ask? “It’s all in the delivery, and I always enter through the back door, so I don’t get caught” he winks. “I make sure to handle each package, with care.”

But it’s not all smooth sailing for our dashing delivery man. Juggling multiple love interests has led to some comical mix-ups, like the time he accidentally delivered Mrs. Peterson’s lingerie to Mrs. Johnson’s house, sparking a neighbourhood feud between the neighbouring cheating wives.

As word of Jeff’s amorous adventures spreads, the men of Eastbourne are starting to take notice – and they’re not pleased. In a bid to keep their marriages, they’ve formed a neighbour hood watch, scheduling their home office hours to coincide with Jeff’s delivery times.

Despite the drama, Jeff remains unfazed. “I’m just here to deliver parcels and pleasure,” he says with a grin. “If nookie happens to be an added bonus, who am I to refuse?”

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As the saga of Eastbourne’s most beloved courier continues, one thing’s for sure: Jeff’s delivering more than just parcels; he’s delivering a daily dose of pleasure, proving that sometimes, love really is just a doorbell away. If you’ve got a story, we need to no about get in touch with our news desk now! [email protected]


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