Yank left speechless after Thanksgiving dessert turd shocker


An American living in London has been left SPEECHLESS after the luxury Thanksgiving dessert they ordered which was supposed to resemble a Prize Winning Turkey looked more like a FLAMING TURD.

Sport Reader David told us “This place needs shutting down, they’d be arrested back in the STATES.”

To make matters worse when David contacted the maker of the offending dessert ‘Thanks 4 Giving’ in trendy Islington the owner Barry Digbumer said “I couldn’t give a FLAMING SHIT what your POXY cake looks like mate.”

The company has now added insult to injury by advertising the dessert as America’s favourite with the tagline ‘Is it a Bird? Is it a Turd? No it’s a cake!’ 

With GBBO all the rage right now yet again Daily Sport have found the SHITTEST baker in Britain whose culinary delights are more WANK OFF than bake off.


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