You Khan’t be serious TfL raise congestion charge

After the government eased the HOUSE ARREST slightly earlier this week and encouraged people such as builder, etc to return to work Transport for London and the Mayor Sadiq Khan then go and KICK WORKERS in the teeth by making the congestion charge 30% more expensive from June 1st now £15 a day plus adding 4 hours week days now until 10pm plus extending the charge to Weekends to 7am – 10pm.

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The reason for the black hole in TfL finances is due to the inept lefties and liberals running it and the complete and then wasting more money than it regenerates.

The new TAX on drivers will increase all costs for anyone driving or travelling into London via any other means than already overcrowded public transport which Mayor Khan has cut services due to Coronavirus thus exacerbating the problem of overcrowding and making SOCIAL DISTANING impossible for the travelling public. The knock on effect will be increased prices and higher inflation for every consumer so it is a TAX on everyone.”

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One BRICKLAYER Tony from Wembley has found a way round it after piling his bike high with BRICKS.

Tony told DAILY SPORT “This is a piss take 30% increase, how can a working man get a living anymore?”

He added “I can get 200 bricks on my bike, so f**k’em, I ain’t paying their congestion charge”

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