US Vigilantes mistake LOCKDOWN for COCKDOWN

A group of ill-informed VIGILANTES in the USA have been pictured out ARMED with MOSTER DILDO’S after mistaking LOCKDOWN for COCKDOWN and have been guarding the streets in the DEEP SOUTH.

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The group called “DEFEDERS of COCKDOWN” is lead by BIG CJ [far right in the picture] and are POLICING lockdown with their own brand of JUSTICE should anyone be caught breaking CURFEW.

DAILY SPORT have learned of people breaking HOUSE ARREST getting a bloody good ROGERING with one of the groups MONSTER COCKS.

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As you can see one of the GROUP even has a RAINBOW COCK most probably in support of healthcare workers he believes.

Well SPORT READERS whoever would have thought that you could get F**KED for breaking the rules? #OnlyInAmerica

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