Dating your best friend Pro’s & Con’s

Chantelle 153Hello everyone,

So this week is a very apt week for me, my 3 year anniversary writing for The Daily Sport and also talking about whether you should get into a relationship with your best friend? The pros and cons to evaluate before you become an item.

I hope everyone had a kinky valentines, and to keep you in the sexual spirit I am talking about the things you should do to celebrate your anniversary with your partner.

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Anniversary Sex……………..

Wow happy anniversary to me!!!! I have been writing my column for the Daily Sport for 3 years now, and I have loved every minute of it so far. I have learnt even more about myself sexually as I have to spend time every week writing my column it gets me thinking about me and my sex life. So lets say after I write my column things get pretty steamy in my bedroom. As its my anniversary week it only seems right to give you ideas on how to celebrate a anniversary you share with a partner…….

Make Each Other Melt

You can’t get sexier than sharing strawberries (use chocolate-dipped ones – they’re an aphrodisiac) and champagne in bed.

Get Limber for Later

Get up early on a weekend morning and take a hot yoga (Vinyasa or Bikram) class. Sharing a new experience together will bring you closer. Bonus: Your bodies will be primed for a hot “private” session later. Plus your body releases endorphin’s which is always great to get you in the mood for sex.

Steam up the Kitchen

Cook dinner together using erotic ingredients that stimulate the libido, like oysters, figs, and avocados (to name a few). Light candles and open a bottle of your favorite wine. Chances are you won’t make it to dessert.

Sizzle at a Spa

Treat yourselves to a day of double relaxation. You can book almost any spa treatment together (hello, hot stone massage!). Want a recession-proof spa day?

Here’s how to get a steamy massage going at home.

Create a VIP Club

Who needs a bar to dance? Load your iPod with sexy tunes, from Kanye to Katy Perry, and hook it up to the speakers in your pad. Bonus points for hanging a disco ball to get a club-like vibe.

Share a Hot Shower

Who cares if you can only fit one person in there? Lather each other up with some vanilla bath gel and you won’t mind being in such close quarters.

Create a Cozy Retreat

We all made blanket forts when we were kids, now re-create it with a sexy twist. Line the floor of your living room with mountains of pillows and watch a sexy
flick together.

Bundle Up (and Take It Off)

Challenge your mate to two-person strip poker. It’s guaranteed to be hotter than the group version since you’ll be in the buff in no time. Add a twist: Whoever keeps their clothes on the longest gets to call the shots during the postgame (wink, wink).

Suds It Up

Make a date in the driveway and get dirty washing down your cars. C’mon, you know the car could use a fresh coat of wax. Plus you + him + soap suds + water = sexy.

Should I get with my best friend?

So your best friend likes you. You’re into them too, and now you’re actually trying to make a relationship happen. There will be crazy highs, but you could also stumble upon a few rough spots that are tricky to navigate. This week is very apt for me as it is also my 4th anniversary with my former best boy mate. Here are some of the biggest pros and cons of getting together with your best friend.

Pro: You finally get to kiss him. For months, or years even, you’ve fantasized about what it would be like to press your lips against his seemingly pillowy-soft pair. Now, you get to experience the magic.

Con: Of course, there’s the chance that it’s not actually magical. Or that you have to deal with major awkwardness before it gets good. Remember how Rachel couldn’t stop laughing when Ross touched her butt while they were kissing? Even if you’re full of butterflies, expect to have at least one “WTF am I doing, he’s basically my brother” moment.

Pro: He already knows everything about you. Goodbye, pressure to act perfect because you’re trying to win over a new guy. This one already knows what you look like without makeup, that you pee a little when you laugh too hard, and that you cry with happiness when you see pictures of weird animal friendships. Best of all, those quirks are probably what made him fall in the first place.

Con: Wait, he knows everything about you. As in, all your flaws, your demons, exactly what happened in all of your past relationships. He gets how to push your buttons better than anyone else. You lose out on the initial discovery stage where you just want to learn absolutely everything about someone.

Pro: You already know that you’re compatible. You know how sometimes you’re dating someone you think is great, then he pulls a douchebag move and proves you wrong? There’s basically zero chance of that happening here, because he already loves you.

Con: It could throw off the group dynamic. If you guys are part of a close-knit group, your friends might be extremely freaked when you become an item. Hopefully they’ll realize that you two are actually great together, especially if you’re one of those couples everyone has been saying should hook up for years.



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