Building Summer Flex Appeal!

With a heatwave presently upon us it’s safe to say that summer has well and truly arrived as we sweat in our short shorts and flip flops, sleep with every window in the house open and barbecue all meals from breakfast and beyond in our back gardens.

I love the smell of suncream, fruity cocktails, banging summer tunes and glorious golden summer tans as it somehow makes even the darkest of times feel so much better when there are blue skies and sunshine aplenty overhead.

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So I’ve been hitting my home gym to fine tune my body ready for some serious beach exposure this season and I’m loving my results as I make progress.

It’s easy to slip into a downward spiral over winter as we hide away, bulk up on carbs and feel less than enthusiastic to get outside and keep active during frosts and thunder storms. But the summer brings with it new opportunity to eat healthy and get fit to do our swimwear and lingerie justice!

I make it my routine to wake up early each day and have a fresh fruit and vegetable smoothie loaded with protein before smashing out a 45mins weight session in my home gym. Come rain or shine I train, but there’s something so inspiring about stepping outside on a sunny morning and pumping iron. 

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Not only does fitness give our bodies strength and finesse but it also boosts our mental health, self-confidence and self-acceptance and I highly recommend that you do at least one thing each day to keep active and get your heart racing  – whether you have a walk or w*nk, it’s I’m possible not to feel euphoric after!

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