Never seen a woman more in love with her implants

Being the positivity queen that I am, I usually block and remove all trolling and hatred from my social media the second that it hits my inbox or comments section; today a comment came through on my Tik Tok about my breasts that I just couldn’t help but address.

A 30-something year old guy posing with a beard and cap decided to comment on my Tik Tok how he’s “Never seen a woman more in love with her implants” and said “It’s sad really” followed by laughing emojis and I took a moment to consider whether this was actually a compliment, insult or something to pity.

It’s quite a compliment for a stranger to acknowledge how much I love my own breasts, a bit of an insult to laugh and suggest that it’s sad and also makes me pity him to think that he doesn’t know any women who love their breasts as much as I do. Breasts are amazing!

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I mean, what’s not to love about big, juicy and full breasts? I think that it would take quite a cold and heartless individual to not smile or at the very least feel happy around an ample cleavage. As a woman my breasts are something that bring me great joy and I feel that I celebrate my body on par with the way that men celebrate the female form. I’m a huge fan of skin, self love and being proud of curves; granted my breasts were purchased and aren’t homegrown, but I love them as if they were my own.

So as I cheerfully addressed his comment in a response video, bouncing on the spot in a sports bra and leggings for full effect, I posted my text response on screen informing this breastaphobe “I’ll take that as a compliment for loving my body and my choices. Hope you can feel the same way about yourself” with a great big grin on my face and prayer hands as my enthusiastic bouncing defied gravity.

It baffles me how people can insult others based upon appearance online, especially when a persons appearance doesn’t harm anyone; it’s nothing more than personal choice to look and dress however you wish and millions of people post content in the same or less gym wear that I had on.

So I’d like us all to take this opportunity to give thanks and be truly grateful for your own or partners cleavage and each and every part of your body and theirs that brings you peace, love, positivity and pleasure. 

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We spend such a very short time of our life with enthusiastic youth, good health and gravity-defying body parts; it is therefore essential to use it before you lose it. I hope that you can all make peace with the skin that you are in, allow criticism and negativity from others to pass you by without darkening your day and shake what yo momma -or surgeon- gave you with pride!

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