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Chantelle 110Hello everyone,

So I thought this week I would talk about a little solo action and the best ways to reach orgasm and pleasure yourself.

Also if you haven’t already heard we are set to have he hottest August we have seen in a long while. So to have amazing sex whilst in the heat please read on.

Chantelle. X

Best masturbation tips…….

1. Clitorally speaking

The easiest way to satisfy yourself is to stimulate your clitoris until your vaginal walls contract. Caress your vaginal lips, slowly moving towards your clitoris. Continuous, medium pressure moving your fingers in small circles is a very popular technique. Use a little lubrication to manipulate the way you orgasm.

2. The bigger O

Have a vaginal orgasm by teasing yourself as you approach your peak – stop at least three times before you allow it to happen. The longer you wait, the more powerful it gets.

3. Hitting the spot

To find your G-spot slide a finger into your vagina and bend it so it brushes the front wall. Reach back towards your cervix, then draw your finger along the front of your vagina. Your G-spot is the cluster of skin that stands out and when stimulated can produce an orgasm of very, very heightened intensity. Enjoy.

4. Hitting the *other* spot

Some women report a lot of sensitivity around their U-spot, a small area of tissue above the urethra and right below the clitoris. Caress it to add magic to your usual explorations.

5. Power shower

Surely when they invented detachable massaging showerheads, designers must have known that aching shoulders were their least likely targets. Point it against you as you would a vibrator.

6. Buzzing bliss

If you’re not getting anywhere with your fingers alone – or just fancy mixing things up a bit, the best assistant is a vibrator. Some find that placing one directly on the clitoris can be too intense, but positioning the buzzing nearby will have a great effect. Try it on your labia, too, and if you have one with a shaft and buzzing ‘ears’ – explore using both at the same time. Don’t make any other plans.

7. Hands free

Some women are able to have ‘fantasy’ orgasms – when you literally mind-freak your way to a climax purely by thought. To try having your own wet daydream; lie on your bed and fantasise about the hottest experience you’ve ever had. What’s the worst that can happen, you’ll get wildly turned on and cheat?

5 tips for hot sex in a heatwave
Let’s face it, the last thing you want to do when the temperatures soar next month is get all hot and sweaty for a session of horizontal tango. But if you don’t want the heatwave to ruin your sex life, follow these tips

1. Slow down and try things that are maybe a little less energetic. Focus less on intercourse and more on lazy oral sex.

2. Try sex in the shower or, even better, have some fun in the back garden with a hose.

3. Al fresco sex is great, particularly if there is an element of surprise. Sex on the car bonnet is fun if it is not part of a routine.

4. Don’t get caught. Fields, hedgerows, bushes and forests can be amazing locations but are not for the shy and retiring. If you’re worried about being exposed, find a barn on a quiet farm and enjoy the shelter from the elements and prying eyes.

5. Standing positions are better for high-risk outdoors sex as you can easily extricate yourselves from the situation and make a run for it! Stand with your back to him, bend over and grab your legs or the nearest available surface. With him slipping his trousers down just a tad and you lifting your skirt, he can penetrate you and stimulate that nerve-packed God-that-feels-good front vaginal wall.

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