SHAGGED OUT Brits FLYTIP blow up dolls

Well we don’t know how your LOCKDOWN has been Sport Readers but at difficult times like these it is always a good time to spare a thought for those less fortunate, like BLOW UP DOLLS who have been worn out during isolation and are being abandoned LIFELESS and punctured.

Sales of SEX DOLLS have gone through the roof since LOCKDOWN got introduced back in March [up 5000% in fact] and it would seem that us BRITS have been SHAGGING the living daylights out of them and then dumping them anywhere they can when the new doll arrives.

We spoke to head of sustainability at one London council and they told us off the record that they’ve recycled over 30,000 sex dolls and 175,000 vibrators during lockdown an increase of 10,000% year on year.

He did add that FLY TIPPING sex toys was on the increase and they were looking to set-up a special SEX TOY disposal unit in the coming weeks.

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Daily Sport says – Can all SHAGGED OUT Sport Readers please dispose of their SEX TOYS responsibly.

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