WARNING do not buy cheap DOGS online


Since LOCKDOWN was introduced and the nation has had to become reliant on ONLINE SHOPPING there has been a dramatic increase in online scams and cyber fraud with people being sold everything from used toilet paper to counterfeit DOGS.

Former beauty queen Donna from Burnley

Sport Reader Donna from Burnley contacted DAILY SPORT after she bought a Domberman in an online auction for £123.07and when the DOG was delivered it was a Dachshund on stilts.

37yo former BEAUTY QUEEN Donna told Daily Sport “They are blatantly RIPPING people off, it’s no different to going into a butchers and buying a chicken and getting a F**KING nugget.”

Davy’s sheep dog

This isn’t the first case of it’s kind with another SPORT READER Davy buying what he was told was a SHEEP DOG off a guy in the pub for £100 and when he work up the following day there was a CALF lying on his sofa.

If the case does end up in court it we’re dubbing it ‘THE CHEAP DOG TRIALS’

DAILY SPORT says – Remember the saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it most probably is.”

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