Sport Reader says DYSON burnt my DICK!

A fool hardy Sport Reader nearly BURNT his MANHOOD off after trying to use a ‘DYSON’ supersonic hairdryer as a SEX TOY.

Poor old Dave from Torquay told Daily Sport “One minute I was having the HOTTEST sex I’ve had since my STUDENT days, the next minute my COCK was on fire… It was like F**KING a BLOW TORCH.”

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Well Sport Readers you know you’re in trouble when you fancy a BLOW JOB and end up with a ‘BLOW LAMP’

A Public Health England spokesman who wanted to remain nameless told DAILY SPORT “This isn’t the first instance of this which is being DUBBED Dyson Dick by DOCTORS.”

Daily Sport says if you want to get off SPORT READERS use the proper toy for the job to avoid burning your KNOB!

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