B&M sells out of KNOBBLY BONE pet treats after cheap PERVS use them as ANAL BEADS

With the THREAT of a NO DEAL BREXIT looking ever more likely PERVERTS up and down our once great country have been stockpiling anything remotely resembling a SEX TOY just in case stores run out.

On Tuesday of this week a photo of a HARMLESS dog treat at B&M for just £2 went VIRAL and they sold out, after eagle eyed CHEAP PERVS noted that it could also be used as ANAL BEADS.

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Similar items have since been bought up else where and are now changing hands on ONLINE auctions for upto 10 times their normal price as RIP-OFF merchants cash in on PERVERTS fears of being left without any form of satisfaction come January.

One leading BREXIT expert in Brussels told Daily Sport “Frustrated BRITS have nothing to fear as no SEX TOYS are made in the EU and all come direct from CHINA to the UK,” adding “this is BREXIT not SEXIT.” with a giggle.

On news of that SEXCASES around the country must be breathing a sigh of relief once again.

Online some of the panic buyers have been DUBBED ‘Bargain C**ters” by one disgruntled pet owner.

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