Hookers have been FUR-Lowed since March says NUNS

NUNS [National Union for Naughty Services] say their members have been FUR-lowed since March due to Social Distancing and Lockdown measures introduced by government.

A spokesperson for the union told Daily Sport “Our members have been FUR-lowed since March and many now are BUSHY and depressed.”

A recent survey found that 1 in 4 NUNS members are now HAIRY and skint because of the pandemic and have received no government help nor any form of low interest loans to see KNOCKING SHOPS through this global crisis.

Hooker Debs told Daily Sport “Furloughed…. They mean FUR-Down-Below in fact the amount of action I’ve seen since March it’s probably cobwebs.”

So Sport Reader spare a though for the workers in the SEX-Industry who’ve been out of action since March and with no light at the end of the TUNNEL of love.

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