PENIS-oton online group W*NKING sessions are the new PERVY fitness craze

First we had the online SPINNING CLASSES or using an exercise bike in your front room whilst other TWATS around the world do the same and get tips and coaching, now an AUSTIAN fitness GURU Hans Vankner has launched PENIS-oton global home WANKING sessions.

This CRAZE has swept across the EUROPE since last year with SESSIONS at there peak attracting up to 300 WANKERS at anyone time and costing participants up to €99 a month to join in.

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Hans told Daily Sport “I thought if someone can do this with BIKES why not do it with COCKS?” adding “I am sure there are definitely more WANKERS than cyclists out there?”

Daily Sport says – No matter what is going on in the world there is always some TWAT with another so-caller fitness regime to take peoples money off them

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