Penis OUT to help OUT struggling pubs….

First it was Jager Bombs, before that Depth Charges now sweeping clubs and bars across the land it is MAGICAL PENIS SHOTS!

The Chinese seem to have hit on a WINNER with their latest BOOZE offering after everyone from Students to Trendies now asking who wants a PENIS…..

One pub we spoke to in Cheshire the aptly named ‘Cock Well Inn’ told Daily Sport “After the lockdown trade was shit, but since we started offering Magical Penis the pub is busy once again.”

A spokesman for the makers Debao Winery Cok Mei Chin explained “Magical Penis Wine has been a mystical brew for over 2,000 years and gives men the strength to perform in the bedroom.”

Well who would have though of VIGARA shots down your local and you’re definitely not going to get BREWERS DROOP with this one LADS.

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