Long John


In a striking narrative that’s taken the combat sports community by storm, John Fury, the outspoken father of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, has made headlines once again with his fearless proclamation: “I fear no man and only answer to God.” However, amidst this bold assertion, whispers of hesitation have surfaced regarding a potential showdown with Joe Egan, famously lauded by Mike Tyson as “the toughest white man on the planet.”

The buzz began when 3X, The new professional and influencer fight promotion, expressed keen interest in orchestrating a bout between John Fury and Joe Egan. This proposed match-up has stirred considerable intrigue, given Egan’s esteemed reputation in the fight world and bolstered Iron Mike’s glowing endorsement, and Fury’s own formidable presence in the boxing community, not just as Tyson Fury’s father but as the head of the Fury clan.

Despite John Fury’s reputation for his unwavering bravado and the declaration that he bows to no man, the dialogue surrounding the fight has been laced with what some interpret as evasive manoeuvres. Critics and fans alike have noted a series of comments from Fury that seem to skirt around a direct acceptance of the challenge, leading to speculation about the true nature of his reluctance.

Adding fuel to the fire, 3X has proposed an electrifying addition to the event: an undercard featuring Roman Fury, another member of the Fury dynasty, in a bare-knuckle clash with Tony Giles, a name synonymous with violence in the bare-knuckle fighting scene. The proposed clash will be an electrifying under card to the main event.

As the sports world buzzes with anticipation, the ball remains in John Fury’s court. Will he rise to meet Joe Egan, thereby silencing the whispers of doubt and solidifying his claim of fearing no man? Or will the shadows of hesitation cast a long-lasting pall over his legacy?

3X stands ready to bankroll what could be a landmark event in combat sports history, bring the fight back to the UK and  promising not only an unforgettable clash between two titans but also a huge pay day for both men. As the world watches, the question remains: is the Fury legacy built around one man?  

Only time will tell, but one thing is certain—the world is watching!


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