SUPER FIGHT SERIES CHAMPIONSHIPS – Hits Wembley SSE Arena on 16th May 2015.


Hailed as the largest show of its kind in the UK, Super Fight Series (SFS) Episode 1 promises an unparalleled number of British world class fighters on one show!

With a line-up that reads like a fight fans dream, there is no wonder that Super Fight Series : Episode 1 is being called COSMIC COLLISION!

The show will use an exciting format of 4 men tournaments, meaning that 4 men of the same weight battle it out in Semi-finals and then a final, to fight for a winner takes all fight purse. Therefore from 4 men there can only be one winner. Couple this with the fighters being expertly matched and all amongst the highest calibre in their weight in the UK, and of course the BIGGEST fight purses at stake, then these events will guarantee edge of the seat excitement for all to see.

However it does not stop here, as there is not one, but five 4 men tournaments on the same show!

72.5KG four man Tournament.

This see’s Rafael Gorka, Ryan Edmundson, Marcel Adeyami and Kurtis Allen all battling each other for the prize money, and with reserve fighters Trevor Soko and Rob Haywood bringing up an army of fans to support them, this event alone will bring the house down with excitement.

63KG four man tournament.

With Martin Avery, Charlie Peters, Alex Bublea, and Femi Akindanze, all of whom are massive names in the industry, battling each other for the winner takes all prize money, this promises to be a massive event!

70KG four man tournament.

This one sees Ben Hodge, Sevket Cerkez, Luke Whelan, and Andrei Ostrovanu battle each other for the prize money. The words “compelling viewing” does not do this event justice at all, if you know these boys, then you know that it is going to be war in the ring!

This show is like a fight fans version of a kid in a sweet shop with all his favourite sweets on display with an eat all you can policy, in other words it is a sensation overload for fight fans, and now we shall prove it –

Next up is what on many other shows would most certainly be the main event, and with good reason

77KG four men, £5,000 winner takes all tournament.

With Kev Ward, James Gridley, Marlon Hunt, and Aidan Brooks, all of whom hold multiple world title belts, this event has the potential to be the show stopper, and would certainly be the main event if it wasn’t for the next event..


Joe McGovan, Mickey Terrill, Lyndon Knowles, and Andrew Tate! These men need no introduction in the fight world, some of the biggest names in the business, and a Tournament for the ages! These guys are massive hitters, and it is no secret that there will be no love at all…our prediction – someone is getting knocked out!!

There really is too much on this show to mention, it will be an evening of pure entertainment, in one of the best venues in the UK – the SSE Arena, Wembley, a world famous venue that has hosted the likes of the Beetles, the Stones, and now of course Super Fight Series Championships. We have dancers, we have an after party for VIP guests, and of course the most impressive line-up of fights that the UK has seen for a very long time.

ISKA Sanctioned World Title Fight I.

This see’s reigning world 75kg champion Reece Rowell, fighting European 77kg champion Nigel Thomas for the ISKA 77KG world Title Belt.

ISKA Sanctioned World Title Fight II.

Rising star Lukasz Krupadziorow hopes to upset the fight regime as he takes on the current European WKN champion Arnold Oborotov for the +100KG world title belt.

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