DIY Arse washer ends up in A&E



After our story on Tuesday [31.3.20] about JJ’s Arse Washing service DAILY SPORT have learned that one of our readers who didn’t heed the warning we gave ‘Do not try this at home’ has ended up in A&E after their £49.99 ARSE BLASTER PRO ended up imbedded in their BACK PASSAGE.

Our news desk received a call late last night from the distraught wife of DAILY SPORT reader Tommy from Liverpool after he had ended up in A&E.

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Brenda spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Daily Sport saying “When we ran out of BOG ROLL Tommy said he’d go online and find an alternative, a few days later a package arrived from CHINA”

She went on to say “Yesterday morning I was awoken by SCREAMS coming from the back garden and found Tommy in agony with this thing stuck up his ARSE.”

Brenda finished saying “I don’t want another Sport Readers Wife to have to go through what I’ve gone through due to this CHINESE product.” 

Daily Sport have EXCLUSIVELY obtained pictures of the promo literature for the £49.99 Chinese made ARSE BLASTER Pro which the Beijing based manufacturers claim is “AS SEEN ON TV” with an infomercial in production as DAILY SPORT went to press.

We contacted our loyal readers local HOSPITAL earlier today and they say he is on the mend after having the ARSE BLASTER PRO surgically removed this morning in a 3 hour op.

DAILY SPORT says – So we learn something new everyday and CORONAVIRUS isn’t the only danger to come to the UK from China right now.


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