We Are Back At Last – Event One Of The IPA Pool Tour From Coventry 30th August to 1st September


Following on from the astounding success of the SportystuffTV Champions Cup, the IPA Tour clicks back in to gear next weekend with the first event of the new season from the Hilton Doubletree Hotel in Coventry from the 30th July through to the 1st of August.

It’s the pool we play down the pub or club, reds yellows and a black, so nothing intimidating to learn, just out and out potting, crushing breaks, clearances from nowhere, tactical thought, and a sprinkling of lady luck for some – the same one I have been shamelessly promoting for years now as we look to get a sport played by millions in this Country and around the world in to the media spotlight, where I honestly feel it belongs. 

Back to this event and the World’s top pool players will be in action over the three days with the European Open, European Professional, European Amateur, and European Ladies titles up for grabs, and this event could see more surprises than normal with so many players struggling for serious table time during lockdown.

Close to 200 players will start the Open and the Amateur events, all hoping for their chance at fame and fortune, and in the unpredictable sport of pool, all things are possible – especially if you get the Pool Gods on your side, for a change.

Played with the best equipment available including Aramith Pro-Cup balls and Strachan 861 cloth, the action will be fast and furious and a heady combination of potting skills and tactics needed to succeed at the official rule set of Blackball, recognised by the World Pool-Billiard Association which in turn reports all the way through to the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

There may be close to two hundred entries but all the players will be up against it and will need to bring more than their “A” game to compete with local entries including current World Champion Jon McAllister, Jordan Evetts, and Mark White as well as Rankings Number One Liam Dunster, and recent SportystuffTV Champions Cup winner Gareth Hibbott to name a few, and whether you are watching the free livestream on the IPA YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/IPAPOOL (starts 11.00am Saturday)  or attend in person (spectators welcome free of charge as things stand under Government guidance), you are sure to enjoy watching the best players at the very top of their game with live updates on our twitter page @ipapool

Betting wise, I am quietly confident that the bookmakers are slowly waking up to the idea that pool is a popular punters pastime, and although I have no delusions about picking the winners of any individual matches, I am happy enough to throw a list of three names in to the hat to win the Open, and I can add that none of them will be me (I am simply not anywhere near to that standard and sadly never will be).

Sean’s Three Against The Field:

It’s a bit like golf – everyone expects you to pick a single option for the winner, but there are over 200 “runners”, so that is just not a realistic ask and I’ll have three instead and probably still won’t find the winner. 

Jordan Shepherd

I am not allowed favourites (it wouldn’t be right), but hopefully I am allowed to say that if here is a player I love to watch, Jordan is the one. When he is on form he is close to unstoppable, pulling off shots us mere mortals don’t even see, but he does like to play at his own pace and his opponents have worked out that slowing him down can upset his rhythm. When he is in the mood, he is a pool juggernaut, and when he learns to keep his feelings in check, he will quickly add to his long list of tournament successes, and maybe this weekend will be the one.   

Mark Boyle

Ex-snooker player Mark is very popular both with the other players and with his legion of Scottish fans, and we know he has plenty of table time after an excellent run in the SportystuffTV Champions Cup where he was beaten in the final.  He can make the game look simple on occasions and invariably goes deep in these tournaments, and if gets off to a good start, he is another player who ought to go close to winning here, though the field is so strong and so deep that all things are possible. 

Liam Dunster

It weas quite a shock in the pol world when rankings number one Liam Dunster was knocked out of the Champions Cup in the very first game by compatriot Ross Fernie, but class is permanent and there is every chance of a bounce back success here. One of the more measured players on the tour he may not be seen as the most flamboyant to watch but that’s the fun of this game, all styles all tactics and only one winner per match, and make no mistake, Liam has the full set and he can beat any player on the planet when on his game.  


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