COMIC RELIEF 2020 could be axed amid pandemic lockdown


After yesterday’s [Monday March 23] LOCKDOWN of the nation by PM Boris Johnson your Daily Sport can EXCLUSIVELY reveal having seen a LEAKED internal BBC memo that this years COMIC RELEIF is in jeopardy.

The memo reads as follows: As a broadcaster we are have to look at all eventualities during the COVID 19 pandemic and it is with a heavy heart we have to look at axing this years Comic Relief due to social distancing measures.

We are looking at alternatives due to self isolation and are open to suggestions from BBC staff.

But worry not SPORT READERS we can now exclusively reveal that due to SOCIAL DISTANCING and SELF ISOLATION plans are a foot for a charity WANK-A-THON which has been DUBBED “HAND RELEIF 2020”

Who said this VIRUS wasn’t worth a wank?

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