Keeping your PUBIC area safe during Social Distancing


As SUPER SATURDAY [July 4] meant easing of LOCKDOWN in England one parish council has taken SAFETY measures to a whole new level with advertising aimed at keeping your PUBES safe in PUBLIC.

The PUBIC information notices went LIVE yesterday across Valley of Elm parish council area with advice such as ‘Don’t let anyone put their face in your PUBIC area’ on the adverts BILLED ‘Help us make your PUBIC area safe’.

One local resident told Daily Sport ‘Typical waste of our Council Tax by a bunch of PERVERTS in local government.”

With a resident group formed call ‘Hands off my PUBES’ who are throwing their weight behind the PUBIC lockdown scheme.

We ask Valley of Elm parish council for comment on the scheme but they said they were too busy keeping locals safe to talk to the PRESS.

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