Arse-baijan SURGEON put my BUTT on back to front


World’s SHITTEST plastic surgeon sticks 2 patients ARSES on back to front and is not being struck off by medical regulators in Azerbaijan.

We’ve heard from 2 Sport Readers 33 st Helen from Hull and 74yo Doreen from Rhyl would make even the DOC’s on the TV show  BOTCHED’s hair curl. The 2 plastic surgery tourists say they replied to an advert online that read “Get the arse you deserve in Azerbaijan for just £99 call 07888 *** ***” both readers contacted the surgeon Professor Arznerov who said he could do a BBL [Barzilian Butt Lift] for £99 NO VAT and they would be back in the UK with in 3 days.

Both women awoke after their OP’S to the same nightmare results which were ARSE ABOUT FACE to say the least.

Helen talking exclusive to DAILY SPORT said “I’m glad I didn’t go for the DESIGNER VAGINA he recommended as I bet I’d look at right C**T now.”

Doreen from Rhyl

A tearful GRANNY Doreen who before this was RHYL’S highest earning HOOKER said “That’s me on the DOLE now, with my career down the SHITTER”

Original Blue Pill | Kubwa | Kanagarra | Private Blue Pill | Ann Summers Blue Pill

DAILY SPORT contacted Azerbaijan’s Chief Medical Officer for comment and he said “Professor ARZNEROV is the best plastic surgeon in the country and a credit to his profession”  

It just goes to show why they’ve NEVER won MISS WORLD with surgeons like that on their team.

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