Furious baker BANNED from SHAGGIN’ Bake Off

When 27yo Master Baker Maggie from Glasgow got the chance to appear on GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF she jumped AT IT literally.

Maggie speaking EXCLUSIVELY to Friday Sport said “I though I’ll do my SIGNATURE DISH so to speak, but those TOSSERS on TV went and BOTTLED it an F**KING BANNED me.”

We saw GLASWEGIAN Maggie’s ‘Signature Dish’ as she calls it and she is INFAMOUS in the CITY for her COUPLES F**KING Cakes which she made for the HIT Channel 4 show but it wasn’t as well received by the PRODUCERS and she was told not to darken their door again.

A furious Maggie added “What a load of SHIT who on earth wants to see some old BIDDY making fairy cakes or a BOYSCOUT making cakes for CHARITY? I did what the GREAT BRITISH public want to see on TV and have a laugh at.”

We contacted GBBO broadcaster Channel 4 but they declined to comment on PROUD SCOT Maggie’s antics on the SHOW.

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