ERIC Olsen says he loves being the most HATED fighter in the world


Carl Hobley has accused the 39 year old of targeting his friends and sponsors on social media ahead of their fight for the world bareknuckle boxing championship on Saturday night.

The cruiserweights clash at the O2 Arena – and Olsen says millions want to see him lose.

The 39 year old New Yorker is currently based in Worcester and he fights bareknuckle, MMA and kickboxing around the world.

He said: “I’m the bad guy. I get hate mail on social media all the time. I think it’s funny. I can make 78,000 people cry just by pushing a few buttons! Don’t pick a fight with me on social media because I will drive you to drink.

“I always say: ‘If you hate me that much and want to do something about it, I will tell you where to find me, but if you don’t want to do anything, leave it.’ I’ve never had a fan say anything bad about me to my face.”

Olsen reckons Hobley’s Bournemouth fans have nothing to be angry about.

“I’ve lived all over the UK, Northampton, Worcester, Warrington and Bournemouth, and Bournemouth was the nicest by far,” he said.

“I’ve walked along the beach and drank tea in the park. It’s one of the nicest places in England, but everyone who comes from there seems to think they are tough.

“I keep getting messages saying: ‘You’re going to get smashed.’

“I reply to them: ‘Go for a walk on the beach or have a meal at one of those lovely Spanish restaurants. Leave the tough stuff to me.’

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“Why would you be angry when you live in Bournemouth?”

Olsen says next month’s fight will be his 100th in all combat sports and says his favourite is King of the Streets, the real-life version of the Brad Pitt movie ‘Fight Club.’

“It’s like the real Fight Club,” he said. “We meet in steel mills in Sweden and fight in a cage until one of you can’t fight any more.

“You can bite, head butt, gauge each other’s eyes, do whatever you want.

“They bring over football hooligans to fight each other.

“I went there and smashed this French guy all over the place for seven minutes, but he took it all, got me on the ground and kicked me in the head seven times.

“I can’t wait to do it again. There’s no way I’m leaving on a loss.”


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