Midweek Footy Madness

Mockney - 14Hello Again!

I thought we would start this week talking about “ El Classico” What a game.

It’s the only fixture in the world that lives up to the bill every time. You can guarantee there will be a sending off and plenty of goals and it didn’t let us down on both points.  It’s quite clear though if Bale wants to improve as a player he needs to get away from Ronaldo as Ronaldo is a greedy spoilt over-rated greedy player – Oh and did I mention greedy?!

We are more often than not let down when it comes to big games often resulting in the odd 1-0 or draw. However,  one team that hasn’t failed to entertain this year has to be Liverpool. They once again ask the question …Are they good enough to win the league?  The answer now is a profound YES! For me the game between them and Chelsea in a few weeks will be the decider. Although Manchester City are strong with games in hand they always seem to slip up and with Aguero and Negrado all side-lined or miss-firing I can’t see them getting enough goals.  If Liverpool ever stood a chance of winning the league then this is the season. It would be great for the club too as it would attract a higher level of player and definitely help keep the quality they have.  Brendan Rogers has done a quality job over there.

Chelsea on the other hand have Jose’ who is pure magic.  Chelsea are strong favourites to win but they do slip up and drop points to silly teams.  Looking at both the teams run-ins you have to favour Chelsea in a way but, like I said,  it’s down to Liverpool to win that clash to over lap  them points wise.

The other end of the table is looking pretty tight again.  I’m sorry to say the Hammers are right in the shit again. Manager of the month Sam has now suffered his 3rd straight defeat and OK it was a foul then a fluke goal from Rooney and a defensive error that lost the game but at the end of the day you need to score goals to win games and right now West Ham are not scoring.

Cardiff had an absolute hiding too.  I’m not sure Ole has the support of the fans in Cardiff and I’m not sure he ever did.  I hate to say it but Cardiff are down and out!

Spurs showed great character on the weekend as 4th place is always a great battle towards the end of the season.  Either way  I find it an over-rated position. They still have to qualify for the Champions League proper.   I mean you’d take it but 3rd is the major aim for a decent team surely?

So this week I thought I would set a challenge myself seeing as a few are giving it a go.  I’m going to have a little shot at it ….

£25- £1,000 in 1 week is the goal so here’s the bet:


West Ham, Liverpool to win £25 returns £68


Man Utd, West Brom, Chelsea. £68 returns £380


Liverpool, Everton £380 returns £1000 odd

Let’s give it a whirl see how we get on. If we hit it I’ll post on weekly.

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