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BBL, or Brazilian Butt Lift is fast becoming the most popular surgery available as a thick and juicy booty takes preference over that of an ample cleavage. Gone are the days of skinny being the only recipe for sexiness, because celebrities and models alike now celebrate their killer curves both naturally and aesthetically enhanced.

Having had breast surgery at the age of 18yrs to correct my asymmetrical breasts, I felt like a woman reborn when I woke up from the operating theatre to the killer cleavage that I still love to this day.

Turning to bodybuilding after having my two children by the age of 25, I soon realised that in order to be slim and muscular I had to sacrifice my body fat – which happens to be the main goal of the majority of gym goers looking to ‘lose weight’ – however this mean’t also losing my curves.

I have always been a size UK8, tall, slim and plank-like, so I turned to plastic surgery to gain the femininity and womanhood that I felt I lacked. Our bodies are individual and unique to us all, whilst some are born with killer curves and gloriously thick locks, others are a little shorter, disproportionate top and bottom or lacking in muscle and size.

For this reason fitness can be used to ‘make the best’ of our bodies – I.e. to tone up our physiques, create a small waist and tighten the stomach, legs and arms. But at the same time, once optimum health and strength has been achieved if we are still lacking in mass or volume alternative methods are required.

Whilst many men take steroids to put on body mass and feel masculine, women tend to focus on developing a cleavage. After childbirth it’s not uncommon to lose breast tissue and be left with loose, sagging breasts for which many decide to have implants to increase the size and volume.

Likewise I feel that in bodybuilding I have strong and defined muscles in my legs and the rest of my body, but the excess body fat which would have given me curves is now lacking. I love being slim, healthy and active and train 5-6days per week at the gym which I don’t want to sacrifice to put on weight. So for me the best option is to have buttock implants so that I can have the best of both worlds – athleticism and aesthetics.

So I’ve caught a flight to the affluent city of Marbella in Spain to have my second surgery with Dr Aslani of Cirumed following my rhinoplasty with him back in April for which I absolutely adored. Living in the UK we take for granted how close and convenient amenities are to us, yet if we want to have a better service, immaculate results and astounding aftercare we have to be prepared to travel for it. Far from the bad reputation of brits travelling abroad for cheap and dangerous botched surgeries, I’m travelling to Spain for the second time to have surgery by one of the most famous and respected buttock surgeons in the world.

Arranged by a cosmetic concierge, Serene Cosmetic, all I had to do was simply catch a flight as all of my surgery, post-operative checks, accommodation, food and aftercare has been planned to perfection on my behalf. I’ve left the chilly, grey and wet UK for two weeks in the sun and buzz of beautiful Marbella, returning home after surgery to spend Christmas with my family as a woman reborn.

BBL surgery is most commonly seen as a weightloss surgery to transfer excess body fat from the hips and stomach to the buttocks to create an hourglass figure, however being so slim I am having Supercharged BBL which involves gaining weight prior to surgery to have buttock implants surrounded by body fat.

I believe BBL will become more widely accepted, fashionable and desirable in the fitness industry as we strive to achieve the body of our dreams and optimum health. We should all have the freedom to make decisions over our own bodies and health and for me I find great confidence in looking and feeling my best after having children.

I am keeping a full surgical diary with all of my progress, thoughts and feedback throughout healing and beyond in the hope of informing and helping others to seek safe practise, professional and competent practitioners and understand realistic and achievable results. In being open and honest about our bodies we can break down taboos and recognise that because comes in every shape and size.

You can contact Serene for pricing and info on +447890046641 [email protected]Bored Housewives | Phone Sex | Live 1-2-1 Chat

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