SHAG-well couple NICKED for breaching SOCIAL DISTANCING


A young couple for SHADWELL in London’s East End have been NICKED and fined £10,000 pounds after they were caught performing a SEX act in a public park, ironically and typical of today’s society they weren’t fine for a PUBLIC DECENCY offence but for breaking SOCIAL DISTANCING rules.


Local residents of the now DUBBED Shag-well took to social media in SHOCK after COVID marshalls backed up by police fined the couple in there 20’s the maximum £10k for LOCKDOWN breaches but not for SHAGGING in public where young mums with kids were playing.

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One person ShagWellSid Tweeted “I supposed W*NKING in public is OK as long as it’s on your own” another resident replied “Well we must all follow the SOCIAL DISTANCING rules.”

Well yet again the powers that be have shown just how the law is an ASS.


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