EXCLUSIVE: Unorthodox releaves more great artwork

Yet again your No.1 DAILY SPORT brings you the good other papers only dream about and here we have more EXCLSUIVE artwork from UNORTHODOX.


“JOHN D” A Tribute to John Dillinger with all thats going on with TRUMP it reminded of another famous OUTLAW Richards

“KEITH” Every Artist has to do a Portrait of Keith Richards however the relevance for me is his Skull Ring, I am known for wearing three of the same ring it drives people around me mad because it sounds like a set of Maracas when they knock together I sometimes forget I’m doing it, in Vegas everyone want a photo with me holding my Hand up with the Rings on. Its my Trademark in films you can see them I have been in and most things and at UCMMA 50 at Troxy it shocked me that the Doorstaff Demanded me to take them off !! after wearing them for the last I don’t know how many occasions was rather surprised but its todays generation of door staff not our when I worked them Club UK and Bagleys days when we actually worked and didn’t have a luminous badge that made us feel invincible ;)Joker
“JOKER SPOTTED IN WASHINGTON” Well it had to be done didn’t it really

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