BACON BUM nicked with 30lbs of DUTCH streaky up his rear entrance

A 49yo QATARI born Stricki Rashir has been detained in Saudi Arabia for BACON SMUGGLING after customs seized their largest HAUL ever of illicit PORK entering the country at an International Airport.

Rashir had a CACHE of 812 rindless smoked rashers, equivalent to over 13 packs of catering bacon was concealed up his JACKSY when ARMED officers SWOOPED on him at the airport after a TIP OFF from a BUTCHER in Amsterdam.

Under the law forbidding IMPORTATION of pork into the country RASHIR could face upto 30 years in prison or 200 LASHES, but right wing groups are calling for the death penalty to be imposed due to the QUANTITY of BACON involved.

Rashir’s lawyer claimed that he was carrying the BACON for a friend but was told it was DRUGS saying “If my client had known it was PORK he would never have agreed to being the courier.”

The case continues but if the case goes against him RASHIR could face the CHOP.