Could ARSE GRATING be SUMMER craze of 2020 or an OLYMPIC SPORT by 2024?


With most people still getting used to the so-called ‘NEW NORMAL’ and every FREAK and his brother being in LOCKDOWN since March, Daily Sport has learned of a new and very WORRING past time which started in the home of WEIRD GAMESHOWS Japan and this is ARSE GRATING….. Arse Grating I here you say? Yes you read it right the first time.

Last weekend with the TOKYO 2020 Olympics on ICE until 2021 at the earliest those WACKY JAPS who gave the world GAMESHOWS where contestants ate insects amongst other FREAKY things, have just finished the inaugural ‘ARSE GRATER of the YEAR’ contest.

So is ARSE GRATING coming to a HOLIDAY CAMP near you? We all know how BRITISH holiday makers are always up for trying the craziest things when there are away and well P*SSED, but could ARSE GRATING replace NOBBLY KNEES or WET T-SHIRT contests?

Daily Sport spoke exclusively to founder of the WAGF [World Arse Grating Federation] Arishto Matsui who said “This is a SPORT like any other, everyone launched at Arm Wrestling when it started.” Adding “I am now petitioning the IOC [International Olympic Committee] to have ARSE GRATING recognised as a sport in time for 2024.”

Well Sport Reader just when you though the world couldn’t get any F**KING madder some CRANK ramps up CRAZINESS taking it to the next level.


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