Anyone for a night out on the PISS?


This is soon to become a reality after a new GERMAN owned pub chain looks set to open BRITAIN’S first incontinence pub with URINALS at every seat.

The company behind this Helmut’s Pisch Palace kept very tight lipped about the plan when QUIZZED by Daily Sport at a recent European bars show in Hamburg but sources close to the chain have told us that sites in London, Manchester and Liverpool have been ear marked for the grand openings or PISS UPS.

Never again will a truer word be said than “I’m just going out on the PISS”

We spoke to one elderly drinker in West Ham called Dave and he told Daily Sport “It’s about BLOODY time, last week I got up to go for a PISS and some cheeky little F**KER nicked my seat.”

Daily Sport also asked the British Pub & Bars Association plus local councils for comment but at time of publication none had responded.

DAILY SPORT says – Anyone fancy a few beers down ‘Ye Olde Pisshole’ after work…….


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